Friday, October 22, 2004

The Hotpot Mafia

Yesterday I had my first hotpot of the season. It was Jeff, a guy from the states, together with the English club mafia and me. Their little club organizes some meetings and sometimes English Corner, and in return each member has to pay 10 RMB. In their ads they usually write stuff like "hang out with native English speakers". At one occasion that was I. Only me. And a room packed with Beida students eager to talk to the "native English speaker". Horror, such horror.

As a friend of Wang Jun, who is the president of the club, I got the privilege to go with the board of the club to eat food using the money from the member-fees. The board by the way consist of only English major girls who are almost exclusively room mates and close friends. The board’s duty, except the hard work of putting up a poster and a finding a place for the English corner, is also to help companies come to Beida and hold lectures for students. The club by the way gets paid for this too.

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