Thursday, October 21, 2004

Winter is coming

Leave from work has been granted, the ticket has been booked, and mostly clear skies in the on-going saga of Johan and Samantha. She will come and take on the city in the middle of December. At that time it will be long-johns times (at least when venture out from the warm hotel room).

The temperature today made a big dip. The wind was blowing through the room I was staying and it is not hard to predict it will be a pretty cold November until some leader decides that the people have suffered enough and turn on the heating. Then there will be boiling hot water, heated up by burned coal, flowing through the pipes of the city. The routes of the pipes under the streets can be seen by the melted snow or frost, and steam is flowing out from various leaks. The system has only two modes, nothing or full steam.

As my sister remember, our place I lived last year was on the top floor of the old building, and it seemed that most of the heat was already gone. Friends in other places though reported that they had to open the windows sometimes, unless they wanted to live in a sauna. In my room closing or opening the windows has a very small effect anyway, so no risk for sauna there.

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Anonymous said...

Will it be walking happily into the sunset thereafter?

Wo hao xiang ni...