Tuesday, October 26, 2004


When the alarm goes off in the morning and I'm brutally brought back to the morning me that want to stay in bed, I usually manage to convince myself that if only I take a shower and have some breakfast it will be worth it. Life will go on. Today when it was almost freezing on the outside, and it was just as cold inside it wasn't so easy to convince my body. Fist of all I was too tired to take a shower last night, and this morning I was too late and too cold to even think about taking off any clothes. After have spend more valuable minutes contemplating my choices under my relatively warm blanket I decided to take on all my clothes (still staying under the blanket) and then just go out and wash my face. That leaves me feeling rather shitty and I don't really feel that I get a good start of the day without a 'waking-up shower'. Getting up was still fucking cold and I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow morning.

It is just very uncomfortable to have a lot of clothes day and night. When sleeping I'm wearing clothes, when I get up I put on even more. When I go inside I can't take off anything. It is like staying outside from morning until evening without really entering any place with comfortable temperature. Takes some time to get used to.

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