Monday, October 18, 2004


Another improvement in my life here was the fact that my flatmates are kicking ball during the weekend in the dirt ground I played at last year. In fact, I think I vagualy remember playing with them. I guess they don't really recognize me from that time. For them all foreigners probably pretty much look the same. When they put on their fake ManU and Arsenal shirts and started playing I knew I had seen them before. It was great to get to run a little, though with all the dirt that you breath in at that field, it can hardly be healty. Living in Beijing is probably equivalent to chain-smoking 24/7.

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Anonymous said...

At least you're gonna get rid of those tum tums :)
I had a great workout at the gym today too. Kickboxing.

Anyway, let me clarify. Yu xiang rou si probably contains fish sauce (which I reckon could be made from some kinda fish)hence the name. Fish sauce is a pretty common condiment, think my dad uses it for flavouring steamed fish. Sounds yummy. Me starving. Growwl.