Friday, October 15, 2004

My daily routine

Life has gotten into some sort of routine, which is kind of what I wanted. That helps me to save money and it's harder to make excuses for not studying.

6:45 I get up from my hard but warm bed to stick in the plug to the water heater
7:00 Take a pretty cold shower and in the kitchen.
The guys from the other room usually get up at this time and I'm trying to finish up before they come around.
7:15 Put on my long-johns and thick sweater and head out in the smog with my 70 RMB super-rider
7:30 Reach some place to have a quick breakfast. Lately I usually have ended up at YongHeDaWang in WuDaoKou for some Youtiao and hot soya-bean milk. 6 RMB
8:00 Morning class, Listening and speaking class (12RMB*2)
10:00 I go to KFC to read and study until lunch
11:40 Go to some of the cheap restaurant and have some noodles, 6RMB
12:30 Return to class-room to prepare class. Sometimes I go and surf a little bit. 4 RMB/H
13:00 Afternoon class (12*2 RMB)
15:00 School day ends and I'll be doing various things.

Yesterday I went back to the dorm to wash some clothes and have a nap. I met up with my old tutor Zhang Fan in the evening. Hopefully we will continue with that (2*10 RMB).

17:30 Dinner at Beida (8 RMB), usually at Nongyuan or Jiayuan. Nothing ever changes.

If there's a movie at the BeiDa Memorial Hall I will usually try to catch it (5-8 RMB). They have both new and old movies and most of them are dubbed to Chinese and and/or have Chinese subtitles.

If nothing special is up I've been sitting in good'ol Kangboshi ("Campus"), a canteen on campus, and reading until 22, when they turn of the light. If I feel like reading later I usually go to some lecture room. Campus is better because I bump in to people I know, but they play painful music there and it is sometimes pretty noisy.

23.00+ Return to the dorm. Wash my feet and read a little bit. Talk to Samantha on the phone.
00.00 Sleep... (300RMB/month)

Still haven't figured out when I will squeeze in writing this blog. Posting is painfully slow and reading it is almost impossible.

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