Sunday, October 10, 2004


I just haven't been able to find a good routine for writing this blog. The free connections at the university are so damn slow when it comes to surf foreign sites and it has been pretty inconvenient to go to the internet cafes. Unfortunately the occasions when I feel inspired to write something and having access to the internet hasn't coincided very often recently.

As usual I got a pretty bad cold almost immediately after arriving. I couldn't sleep the other night because my throat was so soar. When going to Wudaokou in the mornings the last couple of days last week I've been watching how the city has been more and more started to disappear into the smog and dust. From the clear and cold day I arrived until now it has just been worse and worse. From one day to the other buildings that could bee seen before disappear. Somehow during those times I felt that the city was getting sicker and sicker along with me. WangJun showed me a SMS where someone encourage her to go out and watch some star falls during the coming night. It was supposed to be extra dramatic this night. Unfortunately no one would be able to see anything that night. The moon could hardly be seen through the gray daze. She claims that it's just clouds, that it is just fog. Somehow I doubt that. I think this air will cause a lot of respiratory deceases. Maybe I should get the hell out of here. Then again, some people get away with smoking all their lives, so why shouldn't I get away with this. Now I can only wait for a windy day that will bring us some clear days and a chance to see the sky again.

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