Sunday, December 11, 2005

Beatka's Birthday Party

Beatka is a Polish student in the Polish/German exchange student bunch that we have been hanging out with.

In the party there were some Brazilian guys too and I had an interesting conversation with one of them. He was telling me the true character of the Chinese people. He first rambled about Chinese having their own logic or something, but I didn't really understand what he was talking about. Then he said that when Chinese are looking at people, they not only look, they also intensively 'observe'. He showed me how they squint their eyes (by stretching out his eyes to the sides with his fingers) to show me how they look when they do this.

I realized this is how I thought this was the normal Chinese appearance. How mistaken I have been! They of course have similar eyes as us, but when I meet them they start to squint and 'observe' me! What a revelation! The great Chinese conspiracy, not only involving the Chinese, but all East-Asians!! A sign of the 'yellow peril' in Brazil?

UPDATE: Wen didn't like the previous picture (with the cup, making her looking like a pig) so I had to replace it. New pic below. This one approved.

Wen 'observing' the photographer.

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Anonymous said...

You look like you're pretty happy with being "observed", old man. It's good to see you're enjoying yourself!