Monday, December 05, 2005

Ceren, Guess Who I Met!

This is Martijn, and this is his letter to Wen:
Hello Zhang Wen, My name is Martijn, you don't know me but because we never met but we both know Ceren from Turkey. She's the one that gave me your adress and she asked me to say hello.I had contact with Ceren lately by MSN and I asked her if she knew somebodythat lived in Leuven since I wanted to get in contact with some nativeChinese speakers in Leuven to continue practising Chinese. I, myself am from the Flemish part of Belgium so my motherlanguage is Dutch. I wonder if youmight have some time now and then to hang out and talk. Or maybe you don't have enough time, but you know other Chinese in Leuven that would like to learn Dutch. Do you like living in Leuven? Are you trying to learn Dutch as well? If you want I can speak French as well. I met Ceren in Chengdu, february this year while she was on holidays and I was traveling around in China. Later I moved to Shanghai and worked there asa musician for 5 months and started learning Mandarin.
Ceren is a good friend of mine from Turkey that I studied together with at Peking University. This Friday I went to a pub and listenend to Martijn play jazz. World is pretty small. I think I know pretty much everybody by now. Anyone left out? Write a comment so we can get in touch.

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