Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Celebrations

Gift wrapping.

Christmas porridge.

Wen trying out 'Jansson Temptation', a dish me and Wen did together. It's a Christmas favourite of mine, though we also eat it during Easter.

Ella got a gift!

We got a tradition to put rimes on the gifts. Wen got a Swedish dictionary from my family. The rime says:

This is a perfect book
For someone who our brother took
Durkslag is only the start
Soon you will have a Swedish heart.

Kinda cute. Durkslag is the tool you use to rinse the spagetti in. According to my dictionary it is called a colander in English. Could perhaps be translated as a 漏勺 [lòusháo] (lit. 'Leaking Spoon') in Chinese. It is one of the few Swedish words that Wen has learned.

Midnight mass. We filled up a whole row in church!

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