Saturday, March 12, 2005

在天安门广场的美丽的一天 - A beautiful day at Tiananmen Square


It was such a long time since I went to Tiananmen, so an afternoon last week I went there for a stroll. It was one of those rare clear and bright days here in Beijing.

Police at Tiananmen
Because of the ongoing People's congress there were even more police than usual...

TV crew outside the Great Hall
... and journalists.

Mao close-up
He is still hanging there

Through Heavenly Peace Gate
Country folks and foreigners elbowing at the Gate of Heavenly Peace .

Marching on backwards
Migrant workers calling a cab


Surfer said...

Hey, it's been a long time since I came here. Wow, you've started to write everything in Chinese. That's great!
It's kind of wierd that although I'm able to read both Chinese and English, I still prefer to read your blog in the latter. Maybe it's due to my deficiency in Chinese. Haha, I know, shame on me.
I think that the girl living in a tent is pretty cool, kind of created a personal space for herself in a shared living environment.

Johan said...

Hi Jeff! What's up?

Any new travel plans? Beijing?

You are not the only Singaporean I know that prefers English...

I don't think that TianMengYuan has ever thought about the coolness to live there. Haha... But it works for her. And her boyfriend when he comes to visit! ;D

Surfer said...

Well, I'm thinking of touring Europe again in June. This time round, however, will be more of a 'business trip'. Will tell you more about this later when we have the chance.

Do you remember I once said that touring Asia is not really my cup of tea. I know to you 'ang mohs', Asia is a very fascinating place with such diverse cultures, but somehow I'm just not into it. Maybe it's because I've been here all my life.

But now, things might have changed a bit. One of my closest buddy has just been posted to Guangdong on a permanent basis, so yah, my next stop may just be China and Taiwan! You should go travel around with me if I do decide to go to China.

Johan said...

I'm here if you wanna visit, I might pass by Singapore on the way back, and I will probably be in Europe during the summer. Looks like there could be an opportunity to meet sometime somewhere.