Monday, March 21, 2005

Shenzhen by day

Waking up with this busy city. WuWui's little place is on the 12th floor of one of the numerous anonymous blocks that are crammed on to this piece of land.

pic 018
She's got a nice little flat...

pic 019
...with giant toy dogs.

WuWei picked me up in the early afternoon.

Walking through the streets in down town SZ. Endless shopping for the Chinese and Honkies coming over for a bargain.


Eating street stuff.


Anonymous said...

It seems you had a very good trip, no wonder there was no news from you for a few days, I envy the weather there,T-shirt on!! Well, what's more is the food on the street, which makes me recall the time when I was in Harbin, I enjoyed the street food a lot, especially the "Stinky Tofu"!!!Drooling again.


tina said...

ffyyyyyy va kul...ringde hem idag o da berattde pappa att dom aker till dig i april....du maste har blivit saaaa chockad....inte varje dag dom gamla paronen beger sig ut i varlden....snart 30 ha ha ...kram syster