Monday, March 21, 2005

ShenZhen: One Wild Night

Arriving at 8pm in Shenzhen, I was picked up by my friend WuWui and her two friends. First stop was dinner.

pic 011
Good stuff. Really good service here. Pooring the first cup of tea in the bowl, then clean the spoon, and then pour it out in a bowl. Hot towels to wash your face and lemon water to clean your fingers. I haven't seen that in Beijing.

After a fast drive in the city and further on the high-way we went on. The guys stopped to practise their flirting skills using cantonese (they are among the 80% of the people in SZ that have moved here the last decade) . Unfortunately they failed to stop at two red-lights, confirmed by the flash from the traffic camera. That will be two 500 kuai fines coming up. They asked if I wanted to join the to watch 'meinu', pretty girls. I thought they were kidding and said yes. They were not.
pic 016
So we went to a super tacky disco with tons of teenagers jumping on the dance floor. Even if it was Sunday night there was quite a lot of people. This was really the chinese version of disco with the jumping altered with some games and a pretty poor show.

pic 014
Quite a lot of there fat guys hanging around too.

They actually wanted to drag me to prostitutes WuWui told me, but we at this time we both wanted to go back. She lets me sleep in her apartment and she went to her parents.

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