Monday, March 21, 2005

Train to Shenzhen

After my project finished end of last week I decided to go travelling. First stop Shenzhen.
Departure Beijing West at 20:30pm, arrival Shenzhen 24 hours later and 437 kuai poorer (hard-sleeper, T as in 'tekuai'-type)

pic 001
Beijing West Station. A colossal place with several hundreds of people crammed in huge waiting halls.

pic 007
The first evening this little fellow stared at me like I was a ghost. His parents tried to make him talk to me and call me 'shushu'. Next day when he had gotten used to me he ignored me completely.

pic 009
He had just quite his service as a soldier stationed outside Beijing. He told me that they couldn't speak to foreigners nor watch TV unless it would be under supervision. Now he was on his way to hang out with of his buddies in Shenzhen and possible start looking for a job.

pic 005
The soldier giving the constantly burping and farting old guy a head massage. He snored too. A true master of body sounds.

Light switched off at 22pm. Hot water always available and decent food to eat. The squat toilets were really clean too. A really comfortable ride with a large part of China passing by the window. Unfortunately a quite ugly picture this time of year and this time at all. The ugly buildings and shacks becomes more apparent when the ground is gray and brown. The trash too.

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