Thursday, March 17, 2005

游泳池男女公平 - Swimming Pool Gender Equality

海淀体育场游泳池 3月12日 晚上6点45
The swimming pool at the Haidian Sport Center, March 12th 6.45pm


To enter the pool you have to wear a sexy swimming hat and let them see your 'Deep Water License'. To obtain the 'Deep Water License' you have to show that you can swim, guys 250 meters and girls 200 meters. The logic is that if a guy can only swim 200 meters it could be dangerous for him to enter the pool, but if a girl can swim 200 meters, she will be fine.


find Johanna said...

Johanna and Jakob says:

What a babe!

Anonymous said...

I envy you, Mr.Garbo! I hope I can get a "Deep Water Lisence" one day, and also hope I could move 1cm forward in the water this weekend, and most important is that I have to practice my floating skill on the water first, Shame!


Anonymous said...

Jag saknar dig... haha... well, almost.......................

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