Saturday, December 25, 2004

Apartment fight

First day in my new room and I wake up hearing screams and shouts. The woman I rent the room from and who also lives in the apartment, were fighting with the man who was moving out from the other room. The argument went on for several hours and I was waiting patiently in my room. For I while I was really concerned that it would turn violent. At times they were pushing each other and fighting for something that I think was a key, bumping around hitting furniture and my door. I REALLY didn't want to get involved, but when it seemed to turn really ugly I made a little quick entry to the living room and told them "This is not my problem, but let's act as adults shall we"... They stopped wrestling and I went back to my room pleased with my little contribution to world peace. After all, since last apartment fight, I have tons of experience and know how to deal with situations like that. Not. They continued the argument for another hour or so, until the man said he would go to the police, and she said 'fine'. After a while some mediators, some female friends came storming in and started all over again. After another long while they also left.

TianMengYuan, the woman who rents the apartment is really nice. She seems to be very easy going and her roundish boyfriend also seems to be very friendly. Since there is only three rooms, two bed rooms and a large living-room, she stays in a tent (!!) in the living room. The surprises in this country never ends.

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