Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Got a job?

Lately I've been checking out the That's Beijing's website for job ads and I've send in my CV to a couple of 'em. I pretty soon got called to another interview. This time it was an American consultant company and after some consideration I realized I needed a suit. Problem was that the interview was this last Thursday and we had our "cool" gongfu performance on Wednesday. So during the 3 hour break in the afternoon I went to buy a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes. After a quick taxi ride, a quick run around a shopping mall, and 3000 kuai poorer, JiaBao the power shopper arrived back just in time for the performance. (JiaBao is my Chinese name)

Next day after too little sleep I managed to get up, put on the gear and get into a taxi. The place was hard to find since I had only been given the English name of the building, but after running a whole block I made it just in time. The company is called Alliance Digital and is specialized in introducing software and telecom companies to the Chinese market. When talking to the manager it all sounded like I was back in the times of the IT boom a couple of years ago. Maybe this will be a ride on the greatest bubble of all time, the IT bubble on top of the Chinese bubble! God knows how much the economy here is hyped and pumped up by foreign investment and speculation.

The American guy I talked to was really nice and the small company could possible be a great opportunity. He started out by asking my a bunch of the traditional interview questions, but pretty soon we started talking like I've already got the job. We discussed what kind of position would be suitable and when I could start. When I left I was absolutely sure I got the job. Now I'm not really that sure. I'm waiting for them to get back to me. I've mailed with a couple of questions. Guess we will see in a couple of days. Best case I well start working in a couple of weeks.

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