Friday, December 31, 2004

Thoughts about the year

The main event during 2004 have of course been that I went back to China for a second round. It has further stretching my financial situation by delaying my second entry in the work market and I will have to get some income the next year to make it. Staying away means getting more and more distant to friends and family at home and risking a future with a well-paid secure job for a more risky option. Then again, even if I come home and I'll be on the dole eating 'falukorv' (a fat Swedish sausage) and macaroni every day and living in a shack, I won't regret it. This is way right choice for me. I really like having a guy playing 'Erhu' outside the house where I'm living.

A year riding the emotional roller-coaster with Samantha finally came to a stop. In the turmoil some people that I never wished any harm to got hurt. She came to Europe and visited my home, visited me in Beijing, and I went to Singapore. 2 years of constantly being on my mind and in my heart. In the end we caused more harm to each other than happiness. I will miss our good times.

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