Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The new place

The new place

Since it seems like I'm staying in Beijing and might start working I decided to move. Using the reliable Peking University BBS, I quickly found a suitable one. I'll be sharing it with three people, one will be living in the large living room. TianMengYuan in the picture is the one who has the contract and is working as some sort of hiking guide. The third person is yet to be found. It's got TV, furniture, washing-machine, 24h hot water, western style toilet, balcony, kitchen, is newly renovated and clean. It will set me back 1000 RMB/month, not including the 98 RMB for internet connectivity plus some 30-40 RMB for heat, water, electricity.

It is pretty close to Wudaokou, where the subway and my school is. It is close to where Samuel was living for a while. Walk down 政府路 to the east, past the subway in 五道口, turn right opposite to 语言学院, walk straight then ask somebody for 展春园.

I live in 展春园9号3门501

Welcome by if you are in the neigborhood. I'm moving in tomorrow.

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