Sunday, May 15, 2005


Beer. 3 kuai (about 2.60 SEK, 0.2 Euro) in a restaurant for 640 ml of fresh lager. Good taste too. In a supermarket it would be 1.70 kuai.

A lot of places have put up tables and chairs outside now during the spring and we sit outside eating peanuts, beans, fruit, bbq:d bugs, and plenty of beer. Pretty nice. Actually we usually we skip the bugs and go for the cray-fish instead.

I'm will cry when celebrating mid-summer back home. Because of the prices.

This post was for you Edward. Let's keep the hope for a 'rucklet reunion' some time in the future.

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Anonymous said...

You know in my "rucklet" heart there will always be a gas heater burning full blast and some pommes frites with bearnaise sauce waiting for you, Garbolino. Oh, and some vases to drink the beer out of too of course. ;-)