Saturday, May 14, 2005

Midi Jazz Festival 2005

I went to the Midi Jazz festival out in someplace next to nowhere. Why not have the festival in town or at least next to a subway?

The festival seemed to be very well organized and the music and sound was ok. We spend a great day sitting talking and sipping beer in the sun. Inside the area a small glass of beer was 15 kuai. 30 meters away, outside the gate, a large bottle (equivalent of 3 glasses) was 2 kuai. I think it was only the foreigners who had the expensive beer. Some of them. ;) Why I'm saying this is that beer is important to a jazz festival. Jazz has always only been nice background music to me. Nothing that I get too excited about, but nice to sit and drink beer to.

One of the acts was 麦迪, Jessica Meider. She was singing a lot more than jazz, which I think the audience (including me) really appreciated. Jazz can be pretty boring actually. Sort of wish this was the rock and punk festival that are held in October.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment - i appreciate it! :) jessica

hopefully we'll be organizing another jazz festival for the wintertime...