Thursday, May 05, 2005

The only protest in Beijing May 4th 2005?

Dog ownership has become immensely popular i Beijing. I can just mention my neighborhood where it seems to be almost as many dogs on the street as people.

I had made an appointment with two Swedish journalists that contacted me after having read my blog. They were also writing a story for a dog magazine and were heading for a dog festival on the outskirts of Beijing. After seeing Wen Jiabao at Peking University I went with WangJun to Beiyuan and the park next to the subway and met up with them.

Middle class Beijingers protesting the city's regulations for dogs. Some examples are regulations that ban dogs over 35 cm in the city center, prevents a family from having more than one dog, and imposes high fees for dog each dog license. Most public parks don't let the owners bring in their little pets either.

Name collection

Little 欢欢 (huānhuān) wondering why on earth he should be made to jump.

欢欢's special ID card. Check out his cool picture!

Dog fashion in Beijing. I pity these little creatures.

Dog qipao

This little fellow had a hot day in the sun. Is it a dog? Or a little bear?


Anonymous said...


Hür mycke kostar hundskatt i Beijing? Jag läste twå månader sedan att hundskatt är jette dyr is China och bara rika kann betala så mycke skatt. Darför undra jag mig att ni har så många hunder.

Johan said...

I don't know the numbers but I know that the tax IS high and the restrictions many. Many people still think it is worth it and they spend a lot of time and money on their little babies. There are also quite a lot of people that make pretty good money here nowadays.

Vem är du?

Jeena Paradies said...

Jag heter Jeena Paradies och kommer från Varberg, men jag har egendlig precis flyttad hit från Tyskland. Därför pratar jag inte så bra svenska :-).

Jag har läst det her bara för att jag fick den link från en vän från Tyskland som leser altid din weblog.

Tak att du har svarit.


Terry Jackson said...

Hi There,
I plan on going to Beijing in six months and have a small dog and large cat. I've been trying to get information about taking pets to Beijing and can't seemt to fine any info. Do you know anything?

Johan said...

Sorry, I really have no idea. Never brought any pets with me anywere.