Monday, May 23, 2005

Football tournament

This last Sunday I participated in the 2005 MasterCard Beijing Community Cup. A great day with lots of sunshine, football, and beer.

Team BBBC. Great team (...but pretty boring name)

Our team was representing 北京建工国金, the construction company in which Wen's mother works. They provided us with a complete kit of clothes, shoes, and beer. The shoes was of size 45 so I had to use my 38 kuai shoes that I use when I kick on the dirt ground at Beida.

The whole competing bunch at the Workers' stadium.

Playing ball

Afterwards we had a great feast in a nearby restaurant. Snails is not one of my favorites though.

Sam, the no-longer 二锅头-virgin, getting ready for further adventures this wet and wild evening. 二锅头 is the (very cheap) Beijing 白酒 (40% Alc).

白酒 [báijiǔ] n. white liquor

干杯[gānbēi]! Cheers! Bottoms up! (means lit. "dry cup")

Celebrating that we came 17th place at the 'ClubFootball Center' in Sanlitun. We were happy losers. I think we won 5 games, tied one, and lost one. Somehow I can't remember clearly, and somehow it doesn't matter. It was a great day!! Thank you Wen for letting me play, and a great thank you to her mum who sponsored the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

when are you coming to Sweden?
mail me

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to come back to read your blog as I couldn't access to this page at my office that now I'm at a net bar, luckliy enough, I got in! Nothing much, just want to say "Hi",and do hope you are doing fine.


wen said...

Just a tiny correction for ErGuoTou's Alc: 56 as a matter of fact. So, tough boy Sam!