Monday, May 16, 2005


I was standing in the rain trying to get a taxi. No taxi was stopping and time was running out. I was stressed because I needed to pick up Wen at the embassy and then go to the French Culture Center to catch a movie. Time was running out and I was getting really soaked.

Suddenly an empty cab comes by. I rush out in the rain and wave at him. He comes over and stops next to me. I go around the car, pull off my back-pack and am ready to get in when a fat, middle-aged, Chinese man (FMCM) comes rushing and opens the door right in front of me. I start shouting that this was my taxi. The guy completely ignores me and off he goes.

I think of all things i don't like in Beijing, I think rude, middle-aged, chain-smoking, arrogant, fat Chinese men take the prize. The even worse kind has his own black fat car to match.

We missed the first movie. When I finally managed to get a taxi, the traffic was completely stuck. Me and Wen went for dinner in hope that the traffic grid-lock would be over by 7pm.

When we got out the traffic was still basically standing still. For the first time in Beijing we took one of these 3-wheel motorbikes.

The dinner, the ride, and the movie helped me to get over another ugly day in Beijing. Let's hope for some sunshine and friendly encounters tomorrow.

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