Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Short Step March

For the opening weekend of the 2005 Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF), Kilometer Zero is organizing The Short Step.

400 westerners wearing traditional Chinese-blue factory worker suits walk across the Dashanzi 798 factory district and gather for a photograph. The suits will be all bright and new as we form a long long train along the streets, between the trees, and through the network of Bauhaus stacks. Highly unusual and strongly evocative, and in Beijing’s modern urban environment — magically beautiful …

Ceren, the model worker

Johan, the model worker

Try to spot the real one

The short step

How do individuals relate to cultural identity? Is a culture specific to its individuals? Could one nation’s history ever have happened to another group of people? As a two-way hysteria grows both about the westernisation of China, and the potential for current Chinese economic growth to eclipse the US, it becomes increasingly unclear who is subsuming who. Who is in which country’s trousers?


Anonymous said...

Uh I see at least one of the Lenas taking part in the fun and games. Man, J, you should look happier for the occasion and not smthing like a jailbird!

Wen said...

Though too clean and neat to look real, you kind of turn me on in that blue worker suit babe:)