Sunday, May 15, 2005


Some 拆-pictures from the Sanlitun area.
拆 [chāi] take apart, dismantle
The character means that the house is about to be torn down. Everybody that has spend a little time here in Beijing knows this. That has happened to a lot of neighborhoods in this city.

The Sanlitun area has a lot of embassies and the oldest bar district in town. Recently basically the whole street where the westerners used to go have been torn down. Now the bars are scattered all over. Weird planning. It seems like the planners in this town has no clue about bars and clubs. The Chinese places are pretty sleazy, even sleazier than many of the places the westerners go.

就不拆 means:"Don't tear it down!" Nice try.

Doesn't this process make a lot of people feel rootless and not at home in this city. If all the places you knew as a child has been torn down, then what feelings would be left? That's at least what Wen tells me. She says she doesn't recognize this city and doesn't like it anymore. There are so many people from other places here and the whole place is turned up-side down.

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