Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The dark side of the mooncake

The story is that I from the beginning stretched the time here to be able to celebrate this festival. Then she doesn't care for doing anything with it. I came early because I wanted to join her at the DND, and it turns out she couldn't/wouldn't let me even come to the after-party... I understand she is tired from all the work and that most of the days we can't do much together.

This festival is for lovi-dovi couples and it would be a great ending for my stay here. But with the festival approaching it turns out that Samantha was totally luke warm for this event. For her it's just another boring Chinese festival and she basically she wants to go and eat in an expensive restaurant instead. Pretty sucky for a guy who is spending most of his time studying the freaking culture of this festival. Considering she's been going around all the cheesy tourist attractions with other guests she has had, she could have joined me to the once in a year, and possible once in a life-time experiance of going to the Chinese gardens during this festival. I'm not forcing her to be my language partner and I'm not forcing her to come with me to Chinese temples and ask her to explain Chinese poetry. Even if I would for sure appreciate that, she got no interest and I don't want to bore her. I'm not together with Samantha to learn Chinese. While being a little annoyed right now, I would say that being together with Samantha doesn't help learning any Chinese.

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