Saturday, September 25, 2004

Sightseeing PWC

Today I followed Samantha to her workplace at PricewaterhouseCoopers where she works as a tax consultant. Her workplace is on the 19th floor of the PWC skyscraper down in the banking district. As all banking district there's a lot of glass and concrete. Just perfectly clean streets, clean and nice cars parked at the right places, and since this was Saturday it was only a few people going back and forth to their workplace. Normally I guess there would be thousands of little lemmi... eh.. Singaporeans rushing and elbowing to work. Kiasu!!

Not sure what kind of picture I'm trying to paint now. This place IS rather impressive. Can't say anything else. Things work and people have a good life. The air is clean and all throughout the city you find trees and green spaces. Did I complain that there is no ugly graffiti on the walls?

I sat in her office practicing a couple of characters and watching the view from above. Afterwards she took me to a busy little restaurant nearby and had a great curry fish head. I'm still a chicken when it comes to eating the eyes of the fish, but this time I at least tried the lips!

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