Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just a slow day

Had a slow day surfing to figure out the weird VISA regulations in China and trying to find cheap language schools. My guess is that the really cheap schools don't have good web pages. I can only find expensive ones that put prices in $. I know there are really cheap ones, but I don't know if there are many of them. Another thing that seems hard to figure out is weather any particular school will be able to help you out to get a student VISA. My bet will be to go there with a tourist VISA and try to find someplace that will help me switch. Mid-Autumn festival is coming up so I'm a little bit worried that the Chinese embassy will be closed.

I've managed to sit and study for a good 4-5 hours. Later I sat outside in a nearby food court and had HK noodles and another kopi. It rains pretty heavy in the afternoons with a lot of thunder and when it clears the humidity is very high. We have AC in the room and it makes it very comfortable to sit and read.

Samantha said she felt sick today and had a headache. She works all day and comes home very tired. Poor baby. I'm trying not to make her feel stressed over that she can't be with me. I knew she would be busy, but now we have no quality time at all. The few hours we have during the coming weekend has to be maximized to "make it up". Usually a recipe for not having such a good time.

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