Sunday, September 12, 2004

Train days (KL, Malaysia)

The flight was alright but pretty boring. Can't even remember the names of the movies, but they were really boring too. Did manage to read some.

Had a nice day in Bangkok and I took a stroll around the Chinese quarters and had some good food in one of the many street stalls. The heat was intense and I was completely soaked of sweat when I got back to the station. Took a really nice shower before I jumped on the train down to Butterworth.

We reached Butterworth by noon and instead of taking the next night train to KL I took the first bus I could find with the hope that I could reach Singapore. In KL I was told that I could reach JB, the Malaysian border city, by midnight. By that time there is no public transport to Singapore, so I'm taking the next night bus instead. Tomorrow morning I will be in Singapore.

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