Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good ol' Singapore

Had a nice afternoon evening by myself walking through one of the numerous shopping centers in Singapore. They are all pretty much the same with similar stores, a couple of food centers, bakeries, a supermarket, hairdressers, and a cinema complex on the top floor. After shopping a few things, gotten myself a haircut (first in like 3 months!), and got a new phone card, a relaxed with a nice sweet "kopi" outside. Kopi is a super sweet kind of coffee they have here. For a Swedish black coffee drinking guy it takes about 6 months to get used it and then enjoy it. I like it.

Samantha is working really late and has dance practice for some show at her upcoming DND ("Dinner and Dance", Singaporeans use zillions of acronyms). I'm not invited. She says no one else will bring their boyfriend/girlfriend, she says her manager things she is to junior to bring her boyfriend, and she says that she thinks there will be a lot of gossiping about her if she brings her white boyfriend. I'm not sure what to think. Maybe I just don't understand what a DND is all about.

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