Friday, September 24, 2004

Samantha street

This is where Samantha lives. It's the second last building to the right. The place is called Gillman Heights and is an area of condominiums (fancy name for apartment) with shared swimming pool and sport facilities. Most Singaporeans live in HDB:s (House Development Board), which is state-subsidized apartments and mostly more basic. No graffiti ever to be seen. Just perfectly clean streets, clean and nice cars parked at the right places, and a few people going back and forth to their workplace. The only people that you see outside is children playing table-tennis or badminton, guest-workers from Bangladesh cleaning up the streets. The Filipino or Indonesian maids that are cleaning the apartments are only seen coming and going. The whole place is fenced in and you have to walk through the guarded entrance to get it. There is no such places in Sweden what I know of. Wonder what they are afraid of. I thought the crime rate in this country was very low.

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