Friday, April 01, 2005

Beijing: Spring

I'm back in Beijing since a couple of days and have started to attend classes again.

The plan?
  • Prepare for my parents arrival the 13th!!
  • Think of a suitable project and place for my master's thesis.
  • Learn Chinese (yeah right)
I got some news from my contacts back home and there might be something work related coming up. There is also a possibility that there will be a continuation at Alliance Digital.

Other than that... I got a new 6 months VISA, the rent is paid, got a fresh pay, a hair-cut, and the spring is here.


Sinobug said...

Hey, it seems you had a good start of the year, everything's fixed as welcoming the Spring. I've just started feeling like being in spring as the wind's become gentle a lot. Hope you are having a good day, I just want to say HI, and rush to get my lunch.


Ian said...

I just wanted to say "Hi" too and advertise my blog:


Anonymous said...

Hey there investment,

I have left the US finally, not a second too late! Have you started planning for my arrival yet? June until the end of the year is now a very realistic scenario, in case you are not going back to Sweden. I am expecting a cheap beer upon my arrival.

Thank you,
the Investor.