Monday, April 11, 2005

Movies at Peking University

I often go and watch movies at Peking University's 100-Years Anniversary Hall (北大百年纪念讲堂). I do so because like to watch movies, prefer to do so in a cinema, and it cost 5-7 RMB. They show new Chinese movies, often with Chinese subtitles, and a little bit older Hollywood blockbusters either dubbed or with Chinese subtitles. There are often various performances too, but to get cheap tickets you have to buy them when released a couple of weeks in advance.

They sell tickets during the day (except the university wide several hours long lunch break) and before the show that usually starts 6.30pm. It is not only for students and you don't have to show any identification to buy a ticket. They usually put up 2-3 shows every week.

Outside the hall
Outside the hall there are advertisements for coming shows. The entrance is above the red banner. Below is the booth where you buy tickets.

Movie poster
Last nights movie was《青春爱人事件》, with the English title "Sudden Lover". A direct word-by-word translation could be "Young Sweethearts Events".

Director answering questions
The director and two of the main actors were talking about the movie and answering questions after the movie.
The audience.

Oh, what I thought about the movie? Eh, 不瞒你说, there were a lot of the dialogue that I didn't understand so I shouldn't make a harsh judgement. Tonight I didn't have anyone with me that could fill in the gaps. The plot was fairly easy to understand though and pretty weird. The action scenes were silly and the way the couples interacted were very Chinese... and therefor rather different and I would even say bizarre. Still this movie was about young people in Beijing today and it was nice to see all the places that I recognized. The movie was relatively liberal in regards to sex and relations, and I guess that that might what left the biggest impression among my fellows in the audience this evening.

I might watch the DVD again to fill in the gaps, but not because this was a particularly good film.

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