Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 6: Shopping, acrobatics, and hotpot

Mum is digging in. Most of it was probably sliding back into the bowl though. Most important is to have fun, right!

Most of the day was actually spend shopping. In Carrefour. We wanted to return the suitcase we bought and which broke on when leaving the store! Unfortunately, that time the store had already closed. Luckily they gave back the money without any fuzz. Then my parents spend most of the afternoon continuing shopping in there.

Group picture. My mum, my dad, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liu, Mrs. Wang, Mr Li, Ms. Huang, Mr. Wu... I know, haha, I'm so funny.

Since I couldn't come up with anything else to do with my parents (I really don't want to go to more parks, museums, or temples!!), we went to an acrobatic show (yeah.. I didn't want to go to no Peking opera either...). What do you do when you have to entertain your parents for a whole week?? Well, it seemed to have worked. They really seemed to like it.

Since there seem to be so many people in this country doing things they don't want to, I don't think these children really choose to do these torturous acts entirely because they love it. That makes me feel it wasn't all that great.

The funny 'dogs', as my mum called them. They are actually Chinese lions.

By night it was very windy and rather cold, so we went for... finally!... hotpot!! Since the killer-hotpot I made at home has become legendary, it was nice to show them the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

Funny dogs? It's really funny but they really seem like kind of cute dogs with yellow hair without knowing the background of it.

I like your Mom.