Monday, April 18, 2005

Day 5: Tiantan and birthday dinner

My mum and dad woke me up singing the birthday song and had coffee and leftovers from yesterday.

We had a slow start of the day. I had to do some work and we went to the post office to send off some postcard and dad got some of his clothes washed one of the laundry place just below my building.

When we finally got away we went to Tiantan to have a pick nick. When I finally had begged the folks at the souvenir shop for some hot water, I discovered that I had forgotten the coffee back home. Horror, such horror.

Singing dudes at one of the pavilions.

Some guys skillfully playing music on traditional Chinese instruments.

Dinner at the 花家怡园 [huājiāyíyuán] at Guijie. Me and my dad ate until we could hardly move, but I don't think my mum liked it that much, particularly not the 香辣发财鱼 [xiānglàfācáiyú] (69 RMB) which was my favorite.

花家八爷烤鸭套[huājiābāyékǎoyātào](69 RMB) is a tasty version of the in this town so famous roasted duck.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous dinner with Mom, Dad and a sweet girlfriend, plus the yummy Peking roasted duck, you must have got a wonderful birthday.


Mark said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Mark in Canada....

Anonymous said...

amazing ain't it? my regards to your parenteser also.


tina said...

HURRA HURRA HURRA!!!1....fatta bror e 30 nu....not bad....jordgubbstartan hade inte suttit fel nu alltsa.....

Anonymous said...

40's the new 30, so don't let it all get to your head now ;)