Saturday, April 30, 2005

KMT at Beida

This Thursday the KMT party leader LianZhen came to Beida. The KMT (国民堂) is the opposition party in Taiwan. They were the former rulers of mainland China and fled to Taiwan when the communists took over. This is the first time in 60 years a KMT representative has entered the mainland. This is of course a plot by the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party and KMT to isolate the current government in Taiwan, which is much more pro-independence. So, foreign affairs to influence the domestic audiences, business as usual in other words.

Since I couldn't get in I stood outside and watched the spectacle. Students and journalists elbowing each other to get to see the suits passing by.

I managed to see some of the delegation, but unfortunately I wouldn't recognize any of the people except Mr. LianZhen, who quickly disappeared into a black car.

Phoenix television conducting interviews afterwards.

The Phoenix news channel, based in Hong Kong, is the best TV news the students can get, and they recognize the hosts. When the reporter had finished her interviews the students stormed in and were trying to take a picture with her. She kept talking on the phone and with her crew, ignoring the fact that dozens of people quickly, one-by-one, got their picture taken with her.

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