Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day 1:The arrival!

7 am
Arrival! My parents has arrived...
Last night they stayed with my sister in Malmö, then they went to Kopenhagen and flew to Helsinki. From there it was a straight flight. Maybe you wonder how much time the flight took? About 8 hours. Why do I ask? Because a lot of Chinese actually ask me this question!

Me and Wen went up real early and shared a ride with some people we bumped in to during the morning that were also going to the airport. After mum and dad's arrival we put them in a taxi, went to my flat and dumped their stuff (including tons of cakes and goodies!).

Since they seemed to be in good shape we went to YongHeDaWang for some breakfast. First practice with the chopsticks and getting some soya-milk. Wen had to go on writing her paper while we took the subway to the center.
First stop was Tiananmen and walking the 'hutongs' south-east of Qianmen.

Mum quickly found some friends.
We actually went in to see Mao. He was still there lookin as plastic as ever.

And this is from all of us to all of you! Bummer we were too late for the Forbidden city. I wouldn't have mind having some of these mandatory steps already done...

Around 6 we were all getting a little bit tired. Unfortunately that is rush-our time. It was a sardine-ride parts of the way back. Well, guess that is part of the experience.
Hope I wasn't too hard on them. This picture was taken 5 min ago.


wen said...

hej you've already come back and published the pictures of today! It looks fun! Especially the one with your dad squeezed in the bus, haha! the impression of China as the most populous country was successfully conveyed, good job!
I did have added a few more lines on my paper and hope to get it done as soon as possible, hopefully before they leave so that I can join in your fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, family reunion, Cool! You must be very happy seeing your mom and dad, and those pics look exactly fine , especially the last one, it'll be better to give them some time to relax, not hurry to show them the city.

Envy you!^_^


tina said...

Hej tina kul att mam o pap e hos dig nu...onskar att ja kunde va dar me. Maste va sa spannande for dom........Va ska ni ha for er senare...planerat in nagot an....stooooooooora kram till er alla...ja har lite nya bilder pa min blog som du kanske kan visa mam o pap

Anonymous said...

You look like your dad!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, you look like your Dad, but with more of the intelligence from your Mom I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hi upstairs, are you saying that his dad's not intelligent?


Johan said...

I wish I could block some irritating individuals from posting all these lies and insults. >:-/

Now... if I only could figure out how that damn blocking function works...


Charles & Ejvor Fox said...

From an out-sider, we really enjoyed your blogg with great photos, and you ALL look pretty intelligent to me. Dare I note, perhaps the brightest is Wen. She was the only one to translate our poem and has saved us considerable worry as to what we had on our wall. Really great coming round to Ensät and to find you all looking so well. even if I mixed you up. Yours, Charles and Ejvor.

Johan said...

To Charles and Ejvor:

It was indeed a pleasure to meet the two of you!

Unfortunately I was too small when you showed us pictures from your stays in various parts of Africa! I remember how I quickly got bored wanted to run away and play. Now I wouldn't mind hearing those stories again!

I wish you a happy New Year and hope that we will have an opportunity to meet again soon!

Johan and the intelligent Wen!