Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dinner at Arvid's place

Friday dinner
Katey, Sara, Arvid, Yarui, and Wen.

Some great Swedish grub at Arvid this last Friday night.

Soup, bread, and cheese. Simple and good. Great reward after getting wet in the rain while trying to find the place.

Katey is a cool British gal. She is my classmate at the Diqiucun language school and flat mate with Sara. Sara is a girl from Gothenburg and is studying Chinese at the Beijing Normal University together with Arvid, a guy from northern Sweden. Arvid's gf Yarui is also a student there. Wen is Wen.


Sinobug said...

Envy you having such a happy weekend with your friends, I bet you had a good time there.

Asking for help, how can I change my blog name?

Anonymous said...

Hej Johan!
Vad roligt att se att ni har det så bra där. Hälsa föräldrarna och grattis från Tohar och Maria!

雅蕊 said...

Hej Johan!
Vad roligt att se min bild här. Jag googlad bara och sa din hemsida oväntad. Det var jätte länge sedan. Jag tycker kanske 4 år. Hur går allting med er?