Monday, January 31, 2005

Bad medicine

more medicine
Today was another really bad day. My coughing is really killing me. Couldn't go to work today either and it has actually gotten worse during the day. I'm taking some other pills now , but they have no use either. Maybe I'm alergic to the weird stuff I got from TianMengYuan. She said that if I'm not cured today that medicine only works on Chinese I think she is on to something... Chinese medicine probably do only work on Chinese. Chinese that believe in Chinese medicine. Guess my problem is that I really don't have that much faith in it. I for example don't believe eating pig feet is good for my feet or eating fish-eye is good for my sight. Maybe if you believe, then it works, or not.

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kikit said...

When I went on a trip to China, my hay fever got worse and I had no choice but to go to a pharmacy to buy some medicine. They gave me brown small balls, its diameter about an inch. I had to form small balls out of it to be able to drink it up. Honestly, I felt like I was gulping sh**. It didn't smell good, either.

But maybe it was effective since my condition got better. :D