Saturday, January 22, 2005

Office ShuaiGe

Office Shuai Ge

Ben and Jamie trying out my camera-phone at the office. American dudes that to my annoyance speak good Chinese. Pretty impressive. That puts me down to being the 3rd best Chinese speaking white guy in the office. 3rd out of four. Not good. They are both easy to hang out with and focused when it comes down to work.

Ben, in the white shirt, recently lost his phone in the Starbucks at Fullink Mall. A guy came up and pointed at their laptop. While Ben tried to politely make him go away someone else stole his phone, also laying right infront of him. Suddenly the annoying guy just walked out. By that time the phone was gone.

Jamie has lost one of the companies laptops, so he is the office's hangdog right now.

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