Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sporty Birthday Party

Some people prefer to celebrate their birthdays a little bit different.

Dear friends,

We are organising a birthday party on SUNDAY January 23. This is Aila's first birhday (Jan. 18) and Sieg's 40th (Jan. 28), and Aila told us that she would love for you to share this special occasion with her. We hope that you and your partner and (non)existing or future kids can come and join the party.

11h30 Running 10k
12h30 Shower
13h00 Lunch
13h30 Indoor bicycle challenge
15h00 Basketball game (teams of 3) Kids playroom at Dragon Villas Club
16h30 Bowling at Dragon Villas Club
18h00 Dinner and party games at home

Sieg was Wen's boss when she was working at the Belgian embassy during this last semester. They all belong to a group of people they call 'mobsters' who do a bunch of pretty extreme sports. Sieg has the Guiness world record at biking at the highest altitude: 7000m.

At the very international party there were at least three married couples, consisting of a Chinese woman and a Western man, having mixed race Children. I know many couples like that, but it was actually the first time getting to know couples that had stayed together for such time, gotten married, and had children. These children are very cute and look very special!

Morning run
The morning run. Me and Wen actually took a walk instead. These guys were too hard-core.

Taking picture of butterfly girl
Little 1-year old butterfly girl getting all the attention.

The basketball session

Bowling was never my thing

Birthday people
The two birthday children

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