Saturday, January 01, 2005

The plan

I've gotten started on my little project which is to plan an initial market assessment for a US company. The guys have been really helpful and have not assumed that I know anything about the telecom market and not much about telecom at all for that matter. I've had 'lessons', where my colleage Jamie taught me how the infrastructur of the networks work and who manages them here in China. They have forwarded a zillion documents and emails that I have to catch up reading. The plan is the following:

* Read and try to understand the zillions of documents.
* A miracle occurs
* The great plan emerges
* Profit

How could people survive in the pre-google era? Guess that will come in handy too.

The office is on the eight floor in the Union Plaza, just behind the Fullink Plaza. I take the subway to ChaoYangMen and walk a little bit. Doesn't take me more than about 50 minutes from my room to the office. During this week there has't been that many people in the office since most employees are out on location. We've got Arissa the always cheerful Receptionist, Eva the Office Manager, Ben the Executive Director, Jamie the Market Development Manager, and me the Project Manager. The rest of the 15 people or so I don't really know that well or haven't met yet, including the founder and big boss David since he is on honeymoon.

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