Saturday, January 15, 2005

Wedding in Thailand

As I mentioned in the previous post, David, the founder of , is on honeymoon in Thailand. He has married a woman that is supposibly rather famous from a TV-series. Their wedding was held on a small island on the east-coast of Thailand, as far from group-tourists as possible. Ben, the Executive Director, was there during the wedding and had came back to the mainland just after the tsunami had struck. According to him they didn't know anything, except that they had received phone calls from people that was flying in from the States and watched TV in the airports, asking them if it was possible to come.

I heard that before the wedding the bride and the groom had been arguing a lot whether to have the wedding on the west-coast or the east-coast. His Chinese bride had wanted to go to a more 'developed' place in the east, but they had in the end settled for the east-coast. Guess Dave will have a pretty strong card in future arguments.

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