Monday, January 10, 2005

Got the job

I got the job. On Wednesday morning I will start working. Now I better go and try to get some sleep. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Balloons, confetti and eternal sunshine!

Congratulations moosie!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dude!

Johan said...

Thanks buddies... Will be good with a new start here. I'm moving way to slow right now.

Anonymous said...

congratulations!: )

Well, I am finally can read this vison of your blog in China, and it is much prettier looking..

I am going to Sweden in 15th, and then can see that with my own eyes.. maybe I ll stay there and be an illegal immigrant: P

Seriously, I think you are doing much better than early of this semester.. so enjoy yourslf in this old cold Beijing city and .. hope we can always be good friends: )


Johan said...

Welcome to my blog Uma! Hao jiu bu jian. Heard you celebrated christmas with the Swedes. Guess it was a couple of them that I met at the Ol'Shanghai-place? We must meet up before you go!! I really want you to have a good trip to good old stormy Sweden. Keep in touch w Skype ba! I'll tell you places to go to in Stockholm.