Friday, January 07, 2005

Go get him!

Last night I was talking a couple of hours with Eddie in Boston. He just quit his well-paid job and is heading off into the world to learn all languages there is. He's got a little bag of money with him that will let him be able to survive a couple of years without working. He could retire now if he settled in China. We've got a young, single, Swedish guy out there with a bag of money, high education, great future prospects, a lot of time, and unsure what he wants to do with his life. Did you hear me all Chinese girls out there! I want him over here so I have someone to drink beer with, so go and get him.

Go get him! UPDATE: Edward requested me to add that he is handsome, has a great body, is gentle and modest. If that is not enough I can say that his salary recently got raised a lot (he will continue to work as a consultant for a while). He's 1.78 m (?) tall. He could very easy get the things that is absolutely necessary for marriage (TV, washing-machine, and fridge), he could possible also satisfy the most demanding of Chinese women (car, flat, and RMB 100K+ in the bank). Guess that is all needed to know. His email will be available on request. Please attach a picture. Go get him!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you find a better picture at least when busting my chops??


Johan said...

Yeah. Maybe we should try that. Considering all the offers that we have received so far maybe it's time to try something more drastic...