Sunday, January 23, 2005

Olympic Aquatic Park

Near the Dragon Villas is the site where Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park is supposed to be built. We came across it when we were out running. It is a huge place and the when I came across it and realized what it was the first question was "Where will all that water come from?" and the second was "Who the hell is going to use all this after the Olympics is over?". ZhangWen's dad is actually involved in this project and she has told me that after his company had spend millions of dollars in preparations, the project has been put on hold and might be cancelled.

Guess this doesn't make me more enthusiastic about this Olympic business. Sure this country could do with a couple of more schools and teachers instead of a huge Aqua park in the middle of nowhere.

This is some sort of damn, possible the lower part to the left of the plan below.
Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park

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