Thursday, January 20, 2005

Little red phone missing

My red little Nokia phone has gone missing. It was last seen just laying on a table next to me in the KFC at WuDaoKou. Me and Ceren was waiting for Wen to come. Maybe it was the moment when I put the phone aside to take a picture of Ceren that somehow the phone walked away and got lost.

Whoever took it must have been fucking invisible. Both me and Ceren was astonished that someone could have taken it in front of our eyes like that.

I was supposed to just go and quickly buy a new one, but with the money constraints I have and the importance mobile phones have in my life at the moment, I pretty much spent the whole next day finding a new one. My budget was already in a screaming desperate state before this happened, now it is almost dead.

Bad thing is that I lost all the numbers. I had not written them down and I had no backup. Good thing is that I could get my number back from China Mobile since I could show them the PUK-number.

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