Sunday, January 02, 2005

ZhangFan's birthday


ZhangFan is my friend and language tutor since more than a year back.
We've spend A LOT of time together chatting by now and we have become
good friends. At periods of time we have met up every day and chatted for about 2
hours. I think she mostly does it because she think it is interesting,
but I also pay her a little for the trouble (10 RMB/h). Yesterday we met up as
usual at BeiDa, this time at ShaoYuan building 7 since all other places
are so cold. After chatting for about 2 hours, mostly about whether people
that were passing by were Korean or not (ZhangFan has a thing for Korean guys)
and/or whether she considered them to be fat or not (only if it was a girl), she told me it was
her birthday! She's born on January the 1st! I didn't know. Guess I'm
not such a good friend after all... on the other hand I hardly remember
anyone's birthday... We went to her favorite place on earth, KFC, and
had French fries and ice-cream, waiting for her friend to come. Later
her friend bought her even more stuff to eat.

We made an appointment to go out for lunch today. Since sat up all night
surfin' (I'm still working on a proposal to that company) I delayed it
to dinner. We went to the 'Sculpture in Time' Café in WuDaoKou, which
she seemed to think was very exotic. I'm sure she will talk a lot about
that experience with her friends. I bought a book for her as a gift, and
then... back to the glorious KFC for more dead chicken.

Happy birthday ZhangFan!

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