Thursday, January 20, 2005

Then new black one

Then new black one

I like it. The screen is so much better than the old one and when typing I can easily switch between the English and Chinese dictionaries. Since I'm used to the Nokia system, I send away tons of half written SMS since I accidentally press 'send'. Another annoying thing is that I will have to add all essential words to the dictionaries again, such as 'lol, 'fuck', 'shit', beida' 'mafan' and 'ceren'. ;-)

It is a Sony-Ericsson, so now when someone sees my phone I have to live with the:

"Ah, Sony-Ericsson! Of course, you are Swedish"

Even though I've had nothing but Philips, Siemens, Nokias for the last ten years or so. Then again when I had a Nokia I still had to live with:

"Ah, Nokia! Of course, you are Swedish"
"Nokia is Finnish"


Anonymous said...

You've a sense of humour these days. Why? You're not entitled to one, you're Swedish.

Solution for your troubles:
Try a Samsung phone?

But I wouldnt wish a Samsung phone on my worst enemies. :/


Johan said...

Oh. Right... I'm one of them depressed suicidal Swedes. Guess I crawl back to the dark basement, eat green uncooked potatoes, and watch black-and-white Ingmar Bergman movies.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the alcohol, baby. :)

Then summer rolls around and you get all excited about being in the sun and swimming in 16 degree celsius waters, and u pay through your nose for potatoes, except that they are now called NEW potatoes.

Then you play some funny game on the lawn which entails making crude wooden blocks fall over, and you get all uptight if someone throws better than you.

Then you sit in the sun and eat mjukglas and kebab pizza!!! but that I have to agree is the bestest thing to do in the world.

Oh sweet memories..

Johan said...

So I drink a bottle of Absolut vodka and gass myself in a Volvo 245 then. Or let the IKEA bookshelf "Billy" fall over my head.

Please feel free to add more Swedish suicide techniques.

That lawn game "Kubb" is fun. 3 times every ten years. Like Swedish humor.

Anonymous said...

How about an overdosage of ABBA apelsin-flavoured anchovies?

Johan said...

How about being locked into a small red house with white windows with ABBAS's "Dancing Queen" on really laud volume until your brain turns into a huge meatball.