Sunday, January 09, 2005

DaShanZi Art District

DaShanZi Art District

Ceren contemplating the connection between human sexuality and the creation of this Mao bust. Sexuality is our drive for everything we do, right?

Today me, ZhangFan, and Ceren took a taxi down to the much hyped DaShanZi Art District. Very few Chinese seems to heard about it, while the whole foreign community seems to have been there. The place is a factory area where some deserted buildings have turned into art galleries and studios. Since there are still factories in operation, on the streets you see foreigner and workers in a quite odd mix. The contrasts are remarkable. Most places seemed to be closed at the moment, but there was still a handful of places worth visiting. As usual, modern art drives me crazy, being so pretentious and incomprehensible. The fact that it exist though I find very amusing and it gives me a warm feeling for the whole of humanity and the ways we seek to express ourself and get acknowledgment. Really!

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I love Beijing said...

I know this place. 798 factory, right? Not my type of style .